General Information

Consultations are done by appointments. This helps us to manage doctors’ time efficiently and to reduce waiting time.

We welcome new patients and walk in patients as well, but keep in mind that you might need to wait longer than those who have appointments.

Please inform reception staff for your usual doctor so that they can make an appointment with your doctor when you call. If your usual doctor is unavailable on a particular day, we encourage you to see one of our other doctors who are familiar with your medical history. There are three doctors, to ensure continuity of care, a high quality comprehensive medical assessment, and so you always have a familiar friendly person to listen to your concerns.

Standard appointments are 10 minutes for a single problem. If you feel you require a longer appointment to discuss multiple problems or complex issues that might take 20 or even 30 minutes, please book a longer appointment with our reception staff when making your appointment.


Please inform our staff if your appointment is no longer required so we can offer them to other patients who may be unwell or require an urgent review.

Online Appointments

Now you can make online appointment requests. Please click on the link button on this page or any of our other web pages to make an online appointment.

Our receptionist will confirm the doctor, time, date, and the length of appointment required, as soon as possible by phone, SMS, or email.

Longer appointments of 20-30 minutes are required for the followings:

  • New patients
  • Annual health checks


  • Mental health care plans
  • Work-cover assessments
  • Medical & insurance forms
  • Minor procedures & excisions


Urgent & Emergency Care

We try to accommodate patients who become seriously ill – please let us know the urgent nature of your symptoms when you call to make an appointment.

Please be advised that the reception staff is not medically trained so it is your duty to tell the staff that you need to see doctor urgently, in case if you have chest pain or asthma attack.

In a life-threatening emergency, please telephone ‘000’ directly to call an ambulance.

Need an appointment?

Call Now (02) 4285 1110 or click the button below. Walk in customers are welcome as well